Blue Skies

Published October 27, 2012 by Dawn

Today was quite a struggle. I wasn’t very far along in my day before feelings of frustration and aggravation inspired some major dysfunction in my head and heart. To add to the inner gloom, the sky was filled with storm clouds so that I could not see the sun. I was weary and the day was dreary. And it wasn’t even eight in the morning.

I looked up at the Lord in utter despair and for a moment, glimpsed a beautiful blue beyond the clouds. At that moment, I realized that even beyond the darkest rain clouds, the sky way up there is still the brightest blue. The clouds are temporary, but that blue, it’s an eternal thing. The sky has always been and always will be blue. Nothing can change that.

I realized in that moment the stability of God. No matter what circumstance cloud my perception of Him, he always has been and always will be good. I may have bad days, but He is unchanging.


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