Published November 7, 2012 by Dawn

I love tacos! Oh, and I love cheese! I love sunsets, and I love how the birds sing their hearts out to God at three o’ clock in the morning. And I love God! But … somehow these statements just don’t belong together. What I feel for God is so much more than how I feel about tacos, or sunsets, or bird choruses. Something is wrong here, and I can’t help but think it’s all about the verb.

In reality, I enjoy tacos and cheese. I think both are incredibly yummy, albeit slightly less nutritious the way I consume them. But whatever. And sunsets rock my evening. I will pull my car off the road to look at the mesmerizing beauty of a sunset. Most people have pictures of their kids on their phone wallpaper; I have flowers and sunsets. I am captivated by them. And truly, I will wake up and open the windows before the sun even graces the morning sky just to hear the birds sing. It’s the most glorious sound I have ever heard. But all of these things do not compare to how I feel about God. Now, truly, I love Him. And if the way I feel about him can be called love, I love nothing else in the world more than Him.

In retrospect, what must it mean to be loved by the Almighty God? How can we ever understand such bliss? We, who believe that seasons, toenail polish and sports are “lovable.” Over the years, by the way, my love for seasons has proven fickle. How can I grasp the unshakeable love of Christ when the concept of love in my life has been cheapened to such a degree that purses and scarves fit the bill? How can I understand His love, that promises to remain strong and steady in the face of my undulating emotions about Him? How can I understand perfect love when I have never known a perfect love before? What does it even mean to be loved?

What I do understand is this: It doesn’t matter how I look, feel, act, speak, God continues to love me fiercely. It doesn’t matter what wreckage is scattered across my past, His love for me is unquenchable. He knows my tomorrow and yet, He loves me. I have scorned his pain and death on the cross for me, and yet, He loves me. I refuse to show His love to others, and yet, His love is everflowing into my life. And the more it flows, the more I want you to come near so you can experience the refreshing love of a Savior. Not as the world gives it, but as Christ, as God our Father lavishes it on those who look to Him. A love that cannot fail, and will not fail. A love that, oh, it quenches the thirst inside the parched soul of the weary wanderer. This love is so much more than a feeling. It is so much more than a weak, passing infatuation. We cannot fall out of this love because He decided to love us long before we were even here, so we never fell into it to begin with. We were made for it. It’s been here all along. It’s wonderful, and even then, that sounds like a cheap description of such a fathomless love. Thank you, God, for being Love.


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