Published November 10, 2012 by Dawn

Hidden deep within yourself is a treasure chest. An empty treasure chest. The treasure should be there, but tragically, it  has been misplaced. Lost in a moment in time, perhaps hanging precariously over dangerous crags that threaten at any moment to destroy it’s delicate form and beauty. Thus the plight of the heart these days…

Sadly, we give very little thought to the condition of our hearts. Some days, it may be attached to our sleeves, out in the open where everyone can see it. Vulnerable and defenseless, bearing the brunt of every crisis we find ourselves in. Or worse, we may have given it too hastily to a knight in shining armor only to find out he’s the janitor from the costume shop. Whatever the case, we’ve left our most treasured possession exposed to dangers that threaten to damage or destroy it.

Solomon, in all his wisdom, tells us in Proverbs 4:23, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” It isn’t just an ornament or a pretty embellishment on a valentine card. According to the wisest man who ever lived, it is the wellspring of life. Imagine that! From our heart comes such things as our contentment, our happiness, our ability to love people and receive their love. Our heart enables us to smile and laugh. To feel hope and hurt. All of these beautiful things came from God, treasures, really, in a package we often take for granted.

I urge you, as Solomon did of old, to guard your heart. Or better yet, if you feel completely inadequate for the task, simply give it to your heavenly Father. He is able and willing to hold it. If, at the moment, you are holding your heart in your hands and the broken pieces are falling to the floor, know that He is also able to take those fragments and delicately put it back together. He may surprise you by fashioning your heart-pieces into a beautiful mosaic. Whatever he chooses to do, your task is to give it to him.


A broken vessel

Roughly used

Is all that I’d become

Tossed aside

Shattered, bruised

Helpless and alone

A potter’s hands

One touch from Him

And I am made anew

Freshly born

A masterpiece

Mosaic of beautiful hues


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