In the War Zone

Published November 11, 2012 by Dawn

The world is in battle right now. American troops are stationed around the globe, machine guns in hand, grenades at the ready, working to protect the innocent from the injustice hatred brings. Every day, thousands are wounded by the efforts of both terrorists and military as the war on terror rages. The wounded are cared for by wonderfully trained medics who bandage wounds, perform emergency surgeries and sooth the fears of the hurting and dying. This is the reality of war.

Likewise, the world is in battle in the spiritual sense too. No one likes to hear this, but I will go ahead and say it because it is true: Satan is alive and well on planet earth and wreaking havoc all around us. We often look at other people as if they are the enemy because they offend or hurt us, but we are forgetting what Paul said. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness and wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12, KJV) We are not fighting people, or should I say, people are not fighting us. It may seem as if they are, as I have said so often myself, “It sure looks like a person to me.” But the truth is, the devil is fighting with Christians every day to wound us, to weaken us. He comes to steal our witness, kill our passion for God, and destroy our ministries. Who, then, are these people among us who are used so affectively by the enemy?

These, love, are the wounded. The hurting. The lost. If you came upon a hurting dog, what would that poor, weak, defenseless animal do? He would snarl and snip at you to keep you from coming any closer. How can we expect any different from the dying masses around us? Open your eyes to the tragedy of a lost world. Satan has them bound in hopelessness and helplessness. If they knew the message of the cross, they would be brothers and sisters in Christ. Are they not still brothers and sisters in need of the cross?

My prayer is that your spiritual eyes will be opened and that you will begin to see the pain of a world in chaos and turmoil. And that you will pick up your medic bag and become the hands and feet of Christ in this lost and dying world. Love conquers all.


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