Prayer for Pride

Published November 12, 2012 by Dawn

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please, please forgive me for my self-righteousness. I know I have done nothing to deserve your favor, that it is a gift from you. I don’t understand why my heart struggles with pride. I guess it’s because though no one else sees me and sees value in me, I know very well that you love me and I take pride in that. I don’t know how else to feel. I have never felt significant to anyone. I have never been loved so well by anyone. I pour myself into you because you are the only one who cares about me truly. To think, I am the apple of your eye! This is all I have. Your attention and affection are all I have and what greater thing to boast in but that I have the love of the Father directed at me.

I know that I did not earn this love, but that you give it freely of yourself. I know there is nothing in me that is desireable, nothing good in me that I should boast about it. But for whatever reason, I have allowed pride to feed my heart lies, and I have believed them and become trapped. I don’t know how to feel anymore, my heart is numb to others. There is a blockage in me and I need to be cleansed of it. Please, Father, tear out the root of pride in me. I know that it will hurt, but I also know that it is necessary.

I don’t want  a temporary healing; I want a transformation. I want to be humble, I want to love people as you love them. I want to give of myself to others without thinking less of them or more of me. Please allow me to see myself as you see me, and to see others as you see them. Fill me with your heart of compassion and love. Purify my love.

It is easy to become frustrated with others because I perceive that they are not listening. This is my self-righteousness. Please uproot this spiritual barb in me. Help me to always know my limited understanding of things. Help me to always understand that while you reveal and illuminate much, there is more that I do not see or understand. And how can I know what you have revealed to others? Father, I pray for those around me, that you would open their eyes to spiritual revelation. I pray that you would heal and restore. I pray for manifestations of your power and might and grace. I thank you for your love and attention. I thank you for purpose and revelation. I thank you for healing me and cleansing me now, and I praise you for your holiness.


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