Published November 13, 2012 by Dawn

In the book of Zechariah, the prophet has a vision of Jeshua, the High Priest, standing before the throne of God in very dirty, ragged clothing. The devil was standing next to him before the Lord, accusing Jeshua of many things. The Lord stood up and said to Satan, “I reject your accusations, Lucifer.” And the angel of the Lord standing next to Jeshua gave him clean clothing and explained that the fresh clothing represented his cleansing before the Lord. Zechariah then asked for the angel to also replace Jeshua’s headdress with a clean one. This is symbolic of Jeshua being reinstated to his original position as High Priest after being cleansed by Christ’s forgiveness.

It was not that Jeshua was not guilty of the accusations Satan was bringing against him. He was indeed guilty of leading the people into idol worship and desecrating the Temple of God. Jeshua stood before God repentant of his sin, and God chose to remove the sinstains from Jeshua. Jeshua was guilty according to the law, he was guilty according to the rules that governed his position. Still, the Lord rejected the accusations of the devil. Why? Because Jeshua stood before the Lord covered in the dirt of his past with a repentant heart. But even then, he had the responsibility  of receiving the clean clothing. He could have argued that he was undeserving, refused to be cleansed  because Satan’s accusations were weighing him down with guilt. But he didn’t. He heard the Lord vindicate him, he allowed himself to be changed (literally, the others standing around him changed his clothing), and he remained standing where he was.

Can we do that? Can we stand before Christ, completely exposed and vulnerable, and allow ourselves to be changed? Can we stand before him, guilty of all the enemy’s accusations, and accept the complete exoneration from the Lord? Satan stands before our savior every day as the Accuser of the Brethren, and points out our every weakness and sin. And Jesus says to him, “I reject your accusations.” He doesn’t ponder our guilt or the severity of our sinfulness. He acknowledges nothing and rejects it all. He didn’t die to hold us accountable. He died to make us completely clean, free of sin’s stains and, like Jeshua, all we have to do is receive it.


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