Opposition to Rebuilding

Published November 28, 2012 by Dawn

God has used many scriptures lately to reveal to me that I am in a season of rebuilding. The walls that have been torn down, the destruction that the enemy has caused in my heart and mind, its all in a rebuilding process. I have been called to inhabit a promised land and I am in the season of rebuilding. The other day, I was drawn once again to the account of Nehemiah, which I have read about ten times over the last two years. Nehemiah went back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of the city after the destructive war with the Babylonians. The walls had not only been demolished, they had been burned. As scripture predicted, there was no stone upon another. It was a complete loss to the people, and left the city defenseless. The Israelites would never had been able to securely occupy their territory because there was no protection around the city.

As I read again the book of Nehemiah, the tactics that the enemy used to thwart God’s plans for rebuilding really spoke to me. I felt compelled to write them down. Here’s the list:

Opposition to rebuilding the wall – Enemy tactics:

Mocked the Jews (4:2-3)

Conspired to attack the Jews and cause confusion (4:8)

Threatened their lives (4:11)

Starved them (5:1-5)

Forced their children into slavery (5:5)

Bondage and oppression (5:18)

Lied (6:5-7)


Mockery, confusion, bondage and oppression, lies, distractions. Yeah, I can definitely see how Satan has worked against me in this time. Of course, some things seem necessary in retrospect, else how could I have healed in the broken areas of my life? But now, I have something, a list, to hold my day up to in consideration: is this an attack that I am going through? When I’m existing on the edge of tears praying someone doesn’t push me off the ledge, I can now ask, is this a lie? Is it bondage? When I question the promises I have heard spoken into my heart, I can clearly ascertain the source of confusion. When I, bound by the mockery of my enemy, entertain the idea that I am a complete fool for believing in impossible things, I can look at this list and clearly see what’s happening. Clearly, my enemy does not want me to finish rebuilding. Why? Because with walls that are intact, I will no longer live in insecurity. I will be free to truly live, not looking over my shoulder or living in the past. No longer afraid of the enemy, who will not be able to penetrate my walls.


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