On Fire

Published December 10, 2012 by Dawn

I’m totally bewildered. I know there used to be a fire here, but as I walk around the pit, all I see now is a few pitiful coals. Dying embers of what was once a massive flame. How did this fire die?

We all have a fire inside of us. Have you ever been “all fired up” about something? Or “on fire” for something? Each and every one of us experience passion to such a degree that we are burning inside. In those moments, we are insanely bold and all about pursuing whatever it is that is causing us to be so ignited. Whatever it is: Love, lust, God, fame, money, affirmation, success, purpose. These things and many more light us up and give us direction for our lives. And we run toward that which we are pursuing because of the burning inside us.

I wonder, though, if we can accurately identify the source of the flame. Do we know why this fire burns, and better yet, what is feeding it? Why is it growing? Or, why is it dying? In order to keep a fire burning, it needs two things: Oxygen and something to consume.

I pitched this topic to my youth group last week, and we got into a discussion on the competition of fires. Did you know that in a closed space, two fires cannot grow next to each other equally? Eventually, one will die and the other will thrive. Fires need oxygen to burn, and two fires will compete for the oxygen until one wins. I examined the confusion in my life lately in light of this information and realized that is exactly what happened: my enemy set a fire next to mine and fed it well, and as a result, my fire died.

It’s very important to know who or what is feeding the fire in you. Don’t like the battle you are in? Figure out where the fire is and why it’s burning. Who put it there? Are  you on fire about the things of God or are you burning with fleshly desires or pursuing carnal things? What’s feeding that fire? Is it the things you are looking at? The things you are reading? The thoughts you entertain? Does scripture provoke those glowing embers to ignite or does scripture squelch the flame? Is your enemy coaxing the coals? Figure out the fire and then work to either build it up or smother it, because in the end, the fire is what drives you.


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