Prayer for the Lonely

Published December 25, 2012 by Dawn

I’ve been considering this topic for several days now. Well, ever since I heard that some guy jumped off the overpass the other night into on-coming traffic. This is supposed to be the season of bliss, and yet I can’t help but think about all the people who become desperate this time of year because they are overcome with loneliness. I’m not completely alone this time of year.  I have two beautiful children and family that I enjoy time with. Though my nights still feel lonely, I make it through because I know that I am blessed beyond measure. But what about all the people out there who, for one reason or another, spend the holidays alone? Many of them get so lost in their feelings, they resort to desperate measures to end the agony. This time of year keeps the ER and the Coroner very busy.

I know there are many out there who do not sympathize with people who attempt or successfully commit suicide. It’s hard to understand why someone would take their life, and most people think it’s the ultimate act of selfishness. It may be. I guess it just depends on which way you look at it. After all, the decision to cease living isn’t an easy one to make. It hurts to feel like you will always be alone and invisible. So badly that it seems like death would be a sweet relief. I know it’s hard to imagine that pain, I guess you would have had to experience it to know how these people feel. My heart goes out to every lonely person this holiday season.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord, you know the pain of loneliness. You know all about rejection and loneliness. There are people all over the world who will not make it through the Christmas season without your divine intervention in their lives. People are hurting and alone, and Father, I hurt for them. I hurt for every person who lies awake crying, agonizing over their emotional distress, spilling out their tears to an empty room. Lord, I pray that you in your mercy would send the lonely and lost your Comforter. Holy Spirit, wrap your arms around those who are hearing the voice of the enemy speaking suicidal thoughts into their ear. Silence the voice of Satan in Jesus’ name and release those who are bound by demons or surrounded by demonic activity. Loose your warring angels on their behalf and save them from the one who seeks to destroy them. I pray that you would reveal your self as the friend who sticks closer than a brother. I pray that you will fill them to the fullest with your love and peace, and may they be blessed to know your joy from this point on. Lord, may this be a time of restoration in the land for those who are desperate for Love. Reveal yourself to people as the source of their hearts’ desire. Pour out your love on us. Help those of us who know you to be your hands and feet that the world may know you through us and glorify you. Thank you for your goodness and thank you for loving us so well. In Jesus’ precious name, I offer this prayer. Amen.



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