Faith in the Unseen

Published December 27, 2012 by Dawn

It’s still all a blur in my  mind. There is no other way to explain my sitting here today but to say that Guardian Angels are real, and there were a few who deserve a metal for what they brought me and my family through yesterday.

We had just gotten on the highway for a long trip to the Endodontist. Yes, the Endodontist the day after Christmas. Roads were slick with ice because it snowed the night before, hit the salt-sprayed road and melted, then refroze because of the twenty-degree weather. Me, my mom and kids and my fabulous four-wheel-drive tracker were braving the ice to get to an appointment to finish up a root canal. The lucky patient: my son. Only Satan had other plans, and a few minutes down the highway, I was putting my phone away after confirming the appointment and looked up in time to see the van in front of me had slowed to a crawl next to the off-ramp and I was about to run right up their rear because there was no way I could slow to a stop on the ice. I freaked, and swerved to miss them, and then overcorrected because my mom screamed in the seat next to me. At that point, amazing peace descended on me as I calmly held the steering wheel and maneuvered it without even really knowing what I was doing. The Tracker slid sideways and we were staring straight ahead at the side of the van (we were sideways, they were straight). I had taken my foot off the gas, totally uncommitted to moving another inch, and I held the wheel and looked helplessly in front of me. We were sliding at the same speed sideways that the van was going, which probably was not that fast, but seemed like a million miles an hour at that moment. When the Tracker finally did move in a forward motion, it was to drive perpendicular to the back of the van, at which point I corrected our direction and slowed to a stop at the beginning of the off-ramp. The kids were crying in the back seat, my mom was not so speechless in the seat next to me and I was in awe that we had somehow survived the horrific ordeal. In reliving the tale, my mom said all she could hear in her mind was her husband’s words, “Short wheel-base, it’ll flip!” What she didn’t know was that I had read the visors many times and knew in the back of my mind that it should have. There’s no reason why it didn’t unless you consider our entourage in the unseen. I am a believer, definitely. First of all, because I am an awful driver. I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time in normal driving situations. Not only that, but I’m not calm and collected during stressful situations. Mostly, I’m spastic. If you then consider that somehow, this girl who cannot drive managed to pull it out of a sideways slide in four-wheel-drive when she normally has a hard time parking it right at the store in four-wheel drive, you must admit that there was definitely some angelic involvement going on. Thank you, God, for Guardian Angels! Mine deserve your highest honor for their heroics yesterday!


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