The Significance of War

Published January 6, 2013 by Dawn

Head down, pacing and mumbling to himself. The air was full of hatred. His heart was full of darkness. The night’s sky was lit up with the brilliant light of Exultation. A child was born. But not just any child. It was the child. The Christ-child. Satan stopped pacing and clutched his throat. Guttural sounds cut through the air. He shrieked in agony. He had heard the toll, the death-knell. His time was short. Agony seized him and he screamed into the sky for Legion. His minions stirred the sky and raced to his call. “Kill HIM!” he screamed and then, weakened by hatred, fell to the ground and groaned in torment. Christ had come.

Demons flew toward the four corners of the earth and drew their blackened sabers for war. Unwilling to admit defeat, their numbers quickly dwindled as angelic hosts had come in mass to witness the miraculous birth of Jesus. Each one armed to the hilt, prepared for battle. They had anticipated it. They fought valiantly and slaughtered thousands, but one made it through. One reached the inner chamber of the king. One whispered in the ear of Herod, “Kill HIM!”

Herod awoke in a cold sweat, clutching his sheets as if he were clutching the kingdom itself. He had feared the Messiah would come and steal his authority and his dream had confirmed his fears. He bolted from the bed and began to write his decree. To all the tribes of Israel: “Kill HIM!”

A winged warrior saw it all and flew at once to Joseph. “Get up and take your family to Egypt. It’s not safe here.” Joseph trembled. How would he explain this all to Mary? He gently roused her from her sleep and helped her pack their meager belongings. He rushed past his carpentry tools to untie the donkey and soon, they were off into the night. They had left more than they took, but Christ was safe.

Satan trembled in a cold sweat. Rage filled his belly until he began to vomit. God had won again. God had won again! He slammed his fist into the  ground. This was just like last time! His emotions boiled as he remembered the night Moses was born. Moses, the Messenger of Hope and the Shepherd to Freedom. How badly Satan wished his plans had succeeded!

…This was inspired by a quote from Francis Frangipane, from his 2005 Writer’s Workshop. He said, “When there’s something important being born, there’s a lot of battle. Satan rages when he knows his time is short, and he wants to kill things when they’re still small, just being born.” This quote gives me hope, for the battle has been intense. Sickening at times, even. I have grown weary in the fight many times, and told God, “I can’t take any more.” But I am encouraged because I know that angelic hosts are warring on my behalf for the Promise that God has given me. The things being born into my life will happen because God said they would. Satan can rage and battle me on every side, but I will see victory, in Jesus’ name! And along that line, so will you. Whatever it is, take heart! The fight is significant. It means Satan is scared of what God is going to do in and through you! Go out to the battle lines to meet your enemy, because you are going to defeat him!


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