Fight Run-Off!

Published January 16, 2013 by Dawn

I got up early this morning and spent some time in The Word, where I really felt directed to read Joel … again. I felt led to read it last night and so I did, but I must not have “received” what the Holy Spirit was trying to show me in it, because I found myself there again this morning. I read the book in it’s entirety and I felt my spirit hesitate over Joel 3:14, which says, “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.” Although I went ahead and finished out the chapter, I was still pondering this scripture in my heart. Something about it wasn’t real to me yet, and really needed to be.

I closed up my Bible and got cozy with the covers, and began to pray and seek the Lord’s understanding. What does this mean? Other than the obvious interpretation of this scripture, what was it that God was trying to speak to me in this verse for this day? How does this verse apply to my daily walk today? I pondered in my heart, prayed for understanding, listened intently for the leading of the Holy Spirit and eventually … fell asleep. After the alarm had went off. It was a heavy slumber which ended shortly after it began, but I was asleep deeply enough to have this dream:

I was driving down a very sloped mountainside, and beside me to the left, there was a swiftly flowing river. It was beautiful and clear, and almost surreal how straight the path of the water was. The water’s edges were clean cut, almost as if something huge had been drug down the mountainside to create this trench in which the water flowed. Anyway, I eventually drove to the bottom of the mountain where sat this little town of white shanties that looked almost like small motor-homes. They were everywhere, and that’s all that was in the town. Well, almost. See, the river that was flowing down the mountain was also in the town, in the form of a flood. The entire community was knee-deep in muddy water. Muddy water. Somewhere between where I had seen the river flowing down the mountain and where the water reached the town, the water had lost it’s purity. It was disgusting. It was poisoned. It was dangerous. I looked up and saw a sign: Fight Run-off! And as quickly as my dream had begun, it ended, and I was left with the impression of that sign: Fight Run-off!

I lay there for a few minutes waiting for the proverbial light bulb to come on and meaning to my dream to be revealed. Thank God, He even works within my time constraints, because I was really needing to get up and get ready for work. But, with the few minutes I waited, His Spirit was not idle. I began to see that the little town of white shanties was a representation of the valley of decision. These were the multitudes. The river I had seen was the flowing of the Holy Spirit. Somewhere between the source of the river and the multitudes, some pretty nasty things were getting into the water and contaminating it, making it very unsafe for the people in the valley. The Spirit impressed on me that this is what happens to our anointing sometime. Things come in and sully it, and people receive a tainted version of our witness. How does this apply to my daily walk today? “Fight Run-off!” My battle today and everyday is to fight the things that seek to destroy my effective work for God by tainting the Spirit’s flow in me. The rivers of living water that God put inside of every believer for the edification of others is only “living water” if it is able to produce life in and through us. If it isn’t, that’s because it has become polluted. As I considered the application of the revelation, I realized that there are many ways my “river” becomes polluted. When I gossip, I taint the water. When I falter in my joy, I taint the water. When I react in anger or frustration, I taint the water. When I lie, when I yell, when I entertain Satan in any way, I taint the water. Basically, anything that I do that grieves the Spirit of God within me taints the water. If my water is not pure, it’s dangerous. Deadly even. Because there are multitudes in the valley of decision, and if I am not allowing the pure anointing to flow from God to them through me, I have jeopardized the masses who may only know Christ through my witness. And while this seems like a heavy burden to bear, I am confident that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” After all, I have a responsibility as a Christian who has been called to bring others to the saving knowledge of Christ to “Fight Run-off!”


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