As Requested: reprinted prayer for emotional wellness

Published February 10, 2013 by Dawn

Below is a prayer taken out of my Spiritual Warfare Bible, pg. 1397. I have only reprinted the parts I used while speaking at the Singles’ Conference at Solid Rock Family Church on Saturday, February 9, 2013. To those who asked:

Dear Heavenly Father,

In Jesus’ name … I loose myself from the affects of all bad memories, painful memories and memories of the past that would hinder me in the present or future … In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the authority given to me to bind and loose, I loose my emotions from every evil spirit that has come in as a result of experiences of the past. I loose myself from all … deep hurt, pain, sadness, grief, anger, hatred, rage, bitterness, fear and bound and blocked emotions … I decree freedom to my emotions in the name of Jesus … I loose myself from all guilt, shame, condemnation, self-condemnation, and legalism. I loose my will from all control, domination and manipulation from Satan, his demons, and other people. I loose my will from all lust, rebellion, stubbornness, pride, self-will, selfishness, and ant submissive spirits that block and hinder my will. I break and loose myself from all chains around my will, and I submit my will to the will of God. In Jesus’ name, amen!

*written by John Eckhardt, Prayers that Break Curses, 112-116


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