Date Night

Published March 24, 2013 by Dawn

A night of divine inspiration, a night with The Father’s blessing. A date night with The One I married, my Jesus. It doesn’t happen often. After all, I have two kids who are always here with me. But it seems as they get older and the distance between us gradually increases with their natural desire for autonomy drawing them steadily farther from my arms, I find myself alone more often. Last night, my daughter went to her friend’s, my son to his and I realized I had been blessed with time to catch up on my relationship with Christ.

My first impulse is to fill the void: call up a friend, make my way to a crowded place and wile away the hours until morning with loads of espresso. But yesterday evening, I sensed a purpose in my night. It was time to reignite the passion between us. After a quick nap, I got up and got ready for the evening. I put on my best, grabbed Jesus: The One and Only by Beth Moore and headed out the door for dinner and a movie.

After going to the theater and picking up a ticket for the late viewing of Oz, the Great and Powerful, I headed to my favorite restaurant for a delicious Mexican dinner. The moment I got there, a dear couple that I go to church with spotted me and motioned me over. They were kind enough to ask if I wanted to join them, and though I really didn’t want to put them off, I had a purpose to my evening that could not be forfeited in exchange for good conversation. I begged them to forgive me for putting them off, and went to sit down with my Love. I basked in His presence through dinner, learning more of Him as I read a few chapters of my book. After dinner, I grabbed an espresso to get me through the movie and headed over to the theater, still early for my movie. I sat in the lobby and listened to His sweet voice speak to me through the pages of the book, revealing more and more of himself as I waited for the movie to start.

After the movie, I went home and laid in bed for an hour or so, still talking to Him. Finally, I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning, my heart filled with peace and a renewed delight in Christ. Date nights are so wonderful!


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