Spiritual Warfare 101: Psychological Operations

Published April 6, 2013 by Dawn

“To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

“The Art of War, a treatise written by the Chinese military thinker Sun Tzu in the fourth century B.C., advocates the idea that an army of superior numbers can be ‘made not to fight.’ Even General A. M. Gray recognized the “human dimension” in war and that ‘moral forces exert a greater influence on the nature and outcome of war than do physical.’”

It’s no secret that we are at war, in both the physical sense and the spiritual sense. What’s scary is the tactics being levied against us, in which we often find ourselves asking, “So, are you for us or against us?” Confusion has become the order of the day, and the enemy seems to claim way more victories than we do. But the following information will hopefully give fresh insight into this present (spiritual) war, and may you be blessed with new intelligence that will uncover the enemy’s tactics.

I was reading through a Marine manual for warfare, and came across the following dissertation on psychological operations, which is a type of warfare aimed specifically at the mind and heart of the enemy. As you read through this information, keep in mind that this information comes straight from the warfare handbook of hell, and you are the enemy spoken of.

“PSYOP (psychological operations) can reduce enemy combat effectiveness; degrade enemy morale; enhance deception operations; facilitate the occupation of enemy towns; help control enemy propaganda; assist in rear area security; and confuse and harass the enemy.” Beloved, in other words, Satan is out to reduce your ability to wage war for the Kingdom of God by degrading you. He wants to cause you such emotional turmoil that you are completely unable to move in any direction. That pain that you feel, that frustration and confusion that you live in is just a tactic to cause you to quit. I know much of this battle, and I know how hard it is to press in and move forward in prayer when you are literally falling apart inside. But notice that PSYOP also includes “enhance[d] deception operations”. Most of what you feel and seem to know is a lie! Don’t believe it! In moments like this, I literally have to plug myself into worship music 24/7 and drink in the Spirit through His Word to pull myself out of the funk. Satan’s goal is to occupy as much of you thoughts and feelings as he can, and he works through many facets. The shows you watch, the music you listen to, even the places you go and the people you see. This is war and nothing is out of bounds for him. Remember, all’s fair …

“Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotion, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign government, organizations, groups and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originators objectives. The attitudes and behaviors of foreign groups can influence situations in ways advantageous or harmful to the attainment of one’s objectives. The use of PSYOP is but one way by which foreign individual and group attitudes and behaviors can be influenced. PSYOP enhance combat power. Effective PSYOP modify the behavior of the target audience in accordance with the commander’s objectives. ” Don’t miss that. Satan is out to influence your emotions, your motives, your reasoning and ultimately, your very behaviors. With the right cunning, he can make you more of a tool for his kingdom than you’ve ever been for the kingdom of God. He’s got your flesh on his side, and to wrestle with flesh is one of the hardest things we will ever have to do this side of heaven. Satan will use circumstances and people, and all the pain or frustration involved to cause you to react in ways that are favorable to his purposes in your life and the lives of people around you.

“PSYOP are conducted during peacetime, crisis, hostilities short of declared war, and declared war. PSYOP can be executed in a national, joint, combined, or single-Service context, by unified or specified commands, by subordinate unified commands or joint tasks forces. PSYOP can be carried out as an integral part of an overall military action or independently of other military operations.” Basically, there’s never a moment when psychological operations would not be effective and will thus be used against you any time of the day or night, in any season, in literally any and every situation that Satan can weasel his way into.

“Alexander the Great perfected a method of psychological harassment which was the hidden cause of many of his victories. Alexander developed psychological procedures and his actions were similar to modern day psychological operations. He developed and put into practice the following principles: (l) Maintain good relationships with pacifistic elements within neighboring peoples in order to take advantage of favorable opinions and sentiments. (2) Use secret agents to infiltrate and spread rumors and news. (3) In moments of crisis, bury the enemy — with public opinion — under an avalanche of information, true or false, that can produce concern, demoralization and chaos.” This information goes straight to my heart. This is exactly the war coming against the church today. A war of epic proportions in which Christians, in an attempt to be politically correct, are twisting the word of God so as not to offend anyone. Watered-down messages, a system of conformity to the world system, a refusal to acknowledge sin. All such operations aimed directly at the pacifistic elements within our belief system, and most of us don’t know how to respond because the truth is unpopular and what’s popular is not sanctioned by the Holy Spirit. What ultimately happens is that we slide down the slippery slope that makes our gospel ineffective and to the world, we look like fools because we no longer know what to believe. How in the world did Satan become so affective? By “us[ing] secret agents to infiltrate and spread rumors and news.” Enter ministers who preach either a polarized gospel full of half-truths or ministers who preach that the church needs to conform it’s views to fit a world that doesn’t agree with the truth. People who from the pulpit accepts lifestyles that scripture condemns, who preach more out of books written by men than The Book written by the breath of God. What results is Christians who never wanted to be peculiar sticking out like sore thumbs because they refuse to budge on their moral and biblical beliefs. Buried under public opinion, under that “avalanche of information, true or false,” men and women of God have increasingly been bombarded with concern, demoralization and chaos.

“Today, PSYOP have become more critical as ideological and revolutionary struggles increase. When properly conducted, PSYOP can be an effective force multiplier throughout the spectrum of conflict (low, mid, and high intensity). PSYOP can reduce enemy combat effectiveness by inducing enemy forces to disengage, desert, or act less aggressively; degrade enemy morale; enhance deception operations; facilitate the occupation of enemy towns; help control enemy and friendly civilians in the combat area; counter enemy propaganda; assist in rear area protection; and confuse and harass the enemy.” Brothers and sisters in Christ are falling away left and right because of the intensity of this warfare!

“During war, combat operations may be conducted in, or on, the periphery of a single country, be limited to a single theater, or be conducted worldwide. Regardless of the extent of the area of conflict, ideological warfare in the form of PSYOP should be conducted on a worldwide basis. Three basic reasons for this are to gain support for [Satan’s] actions, to isolate enemy[s] from outside support, and to establish a psychological climate to achieve postwar goals. … PSYOP campaigns are conducted to weaken the effectiveness of the enemy’s military forces by reducing the will to fight among the enemy populace and leadership groups, and to degrade the ability of commanders and political leaders to act decisively.” So from the top down, Satan is literally dividing the church. It is imperative in this time of increased warfare for Christians, all Christians, to know the Word of God for themselves. No more following blindly a man just because he stands behind a pulpit. Remember, scripture warns us that Satan “parades himself as an angel of light.” Jesus said that even the very elect could be deceived if he had not told us all that we needed to know beforehand. But if we don’t read our bibles intently, we will never know what scriptures says that will save us from the enemy’s tactics. Satan is not a weak enemy. He is smart! He studies us and knows our weaknesses and we are not to be without knowledge of him. But our understanding only comes through the Word. It’s time we as Christians start taking responsibility for our spiritual walks with Christ because when we stand before God, we won’t be able to blame all our mistakes on our pastors. The purpose of this war is to reducing our will to fight, and Satan is so effective at this. I know I have had many days of getting on my face before God and crying out in weariness. “I don’t want to fight anymore! This is too hard and it hurts and I have had no rest!” But God is good, and He is quick to rescue us and pull us out of the battle for a little while so we can recuperate.

“Psychological operations are an important dimension of military power… everything we do or fail to do has a psychological impact on our enemies, our allies, neutrals, and even ourselves. We can [and] … must understand and be prepared to employ PSYOP throughout the levels of war and across the spectrum of conflict.” This is Satan’s Gameplan. As Paul says, “Do not be unaware of his tactics.”



One comment on “Spiritual Warfare 101: Psychological Operations

  • Dawn,
    In reference to “Some Christians Have No Common Sense”:
    The title was so intriguing I just had to read it. However, I must admit, I began reading with a bit of “defensiveness”. You see, the Potter is still molding the clay of my heart. I pray for a new heart every single day. Over the years I too have become bitter and hard-hearted. There are so many walls around me that I live in a maze of hurt and anger. The good news is that God is leading me through it and I can’t wait to come out the other side victorious in Christ. That is what I mean when I say that sometimes we have to be broken in order to be fixed.
    I pray every single day for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, for the desire to save souls and spread the Gospel so that everyone on this planet will have the opportunity to know Christ and to choose life. That our mission will end and that Jesus will come to claim His people and take us home. I pray for the Fruit of the Spirit (love, peace, joy, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, gentleness, long-suffering (patience), and self-control) to fill my heart as well as the hearts of all His faithfull followers and that everyone will be changed to reflect the perfect character of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I believe that we do not know the true depth of our sinfulness and its effect on our own hearts. Therefore, I also pray for the creator to make us aware and to save us from ourselves.
    Since reading your blog about Boaz, I have also been praying for a Boaz for you as well. I didn’t realize this was heavy on your heart. If anyone deserves a helpmate to join you in your service to God and family, it is you. You are not just a relative, much more importantly, you are my sister in Christ and that is something to celebrate!

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