Scorned Love

Published April 30, 2013 by Dawn

I read a love letter today. Well, a modern love letter. Maybe it was just a “really like” letter. Whatever it was, it was really sweet. Of course, it wasn’t to me. It was to a friend of mine. A woman from church set her up with this guy, who organized the sweetest date ever last weekend. They went rock climbing (albeit on some smaller granite boulders), and had a picnic together. He gave her a book with a lovely inscription on the inside, a little note to assure her he was looking forward to getting to know her more. Today, he sent her an email (aforementioned letter) to tell her more about himself and to let her know how he felt about the date. It may have been a little forward, and it may have been a little early, but the guy seemed to have some strong feelings toward her. He complimented her eyes, her smile, the things she said, her hobbies, her life in general. It was really sweet. I felt really sad for him because after all that was laid out on the table, she and another friend had a great laugh at his expense.

I pondered this in my heart all day. I hate to overuse the word, but to me, this was a little tragic. He took a great risk in putting his heart out there, and sadly, she didn’t appreciate his vulnerability in the least. But what bothered me most about it is that this is what we tend to do to Jesus all the time.

He’s the world’s most famous hopeless romantic. Of course, there are many who don’t see him that way. They see rules and judgment and condemnation. But these are all worldly things, ideas of righteousness passed down through the pharisaical hands of men. The Word of God says, “There is now, therefore, no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” He is “loving toward all He has made“, and “would not have it that any should perish but that all should receive everlasting life.” Jesus came and wooed us, and ultimately gave his life for us. The Word says so many things about us, such as that we are his “most precious possession.” His Word is a love letter to us. Do we take it seriously? Not usually. More often than not, we are at best, skeptical. At worst, downright belligerent toward Him. There are even those who scoff and scorn his loving attention.

I just don’t get it, though. We all are searching for love. It’s a desire from the very depths of our beings. Sure, painful circumstance may cause us to build walls up to keep us from being hurt. But take a moment to search your heart and you will hear a faint cry. It’s deep calling unto deep. We long to be loved. Not just loved, but loved and accepted. Loved unconditionally, to the degree that we can mess up and still be embraced. And we desperately need to be loved by someone who is capable of loving like that, because it just doesn’t happen anymore. It’s Him. It’s Jesus. He’s the only one who can and will love like that. I’m not selling men short. I believe that “with God all things are possible.” But I know that Christ can be faithful starting at this moment, and fulfilling every moment hereafter. There may come another man, a son of God in the flesh who will love like He loves. But Jesus has loved you already and will continue to love you forever. And He demonstrated His love like this: He endured suffering, agony and betrayal. He endured rejection and even death on a cross to ransom you. He paid a bride price to a thief for you. Satan didn’t deserve it but God didn’t squabble with him. He paid it because to Him, you were worth it. How does a person walk away from that?


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