Instant in Season and Out

Published May 3, 2013 by Dawn

Today was National Day of Prayer, and so, after working my ten hours, I hurriedly picked up the kids and headed back to Farmington so we could participate in the corporate worship and prayer that took place all across the United States. Even though rain rolled in about an hour before, I was determined to go. I felt like if the devil was going to such lengths to keep people away, then the Spirit of God had a master plan for the night and I wanted to be a part of it. Little did I realize just how much a part of it I was going to be …

Because of the rain, they held the prayer inside the Annex building across from the courthouse. Usually, it’s out front of the courthouse lawn. I took my umbrella, so I was completely undeterred either way. We were directed to the third floor, whereupon I found my pastor. After greeting me he told me that the man assigned specifically to pray for the youth, schools and teachers across America wasn’t able to make it and would I be willing to fill in? I had just prayed this morning and committed to God that I would confidently walk through whatever doors he opened for me, and seeing an open door, I had to be obedient. My pastor then jokingly reminded me that we are called to be instant in season and out of season. I immediately thought about my hair …

You see, I just got my hair cut last weekend, and I really do not know exactly how to fix this hair or what I want it to look like. I’m not hair-savvy, and even if I was, I didn’t have time to be this morning. I went to work today with the worst possible hair-do on the face of the earth and I only did it because I really did not have time to mess with it. Of course, I was ashamed of myself, but what could I do? I couldn’t be late for work over my hair, so I threw it up into two small pony tails, one right behind each ear and accentuated the look with my cutest pair of earrings. It worked because I took the time to apply mascara and eyeliner, so I didn’t look half bad. But ten hours of work later, I wasn’t looking as wonderful as I did this morning. I was looking tired and my eyeliner had faded and the rain had caused my hair to have more body than I intended it to have. It was looking exceptionally awful. And the Lord used this opportunity to teach me this lesson: be instant in season and out of season.

How? Because although I neglected my hair today and stood up before a crowd of strangers looking the worst I possibly could, I have not been neglecting my spirit. God used my obedience in fasting to prepare me spiritually for this opportunity. Most immediately, I noticed that I was confident that The Holy Spirit would speak through me. I was already yielded to Him. And when I stood up there looking so horrible in front of all those people, I wasn’t even remotely afraid of their opinions, which I normally would have been, because I just knew I was about my Father’s business. I had a confidence in Him too. And then, we I began to pray, I was for once, so unaware of the audience around me because I was already in communion with the Lord. We were simply continuing a conversation we’ve been having for a while. I was prepared because I had prepared my spirit by deepening my communion with God over the past few weeks. And now I realize that it’s not about knowing more things, this being “instant”, it’s about knowing God more. There is no reason to fear God’s will and what it may require of you of you are walking next to Him. Thank you, Lord, for preparing me and using me tonight. I am honored to be your vessel … please just next time tell me to fix my hair nice beforehand!


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