Singing Praises in Marriage

Published July 1, 2013 by Dawn

VBS last week was such a blessing, and not just because of the ministry opportunity or the message that went forth everyday. I was completely blessed by this older couple who were there. They were the two responsible for pioneering the effort, and the driving force behind the great success that it was. They shared with us on the second day that they were soon to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, and both of them agreed that it was the best 45 years of their lives. They are among a very few number of couples I know who profess love and admiration for each other after such a long time. I am so used to hearing someone say with a sigh something to the effect that their marriage was rough or less than perfect. Their attitudes toward one another and their marriage was so refreshing to me as I continue to pray about that yet-to-be in my life. If that day were the only time I heard them joyfully acknowledge their union, I might have been a little skeptical, but their reverence for and enjoyment of one another is evident in every interaction I have ever been privileged to see between them. Both are very complimentary, and neither takes any action of the other for granted. There is always a beautiful thanks in response to deeds done in love between them, and always attended by a compliment toward the giver. I love to witness their love in action, because it’s such a rarity.

I spent four days witnessing this deep affection between them, and was blessed more and more each day. It affected me to the point that I began to pray, “Lord, how does this look between us, if you are my husband? How can I lavish on you?” And He was very quick to respond, “Sing to me your praise!”

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? I should have known this. I’ve been a part of the praise team most of my life, since I was probably ten. And though I’ve had times of being lost in admiration while singing to Him, I guess I never realized the impact praise could have on the Lord. As I watched these two praise one another in so many ways, the reaction of the one being praised was immediate and wonderful to behold. You could literally see their hearts’ smile. They were radiant, and you could see that the compliment had filled them to the brim with joy and love. As the giver sang praises of the other, the receiver became full. And as they exchanged their affections, each blessed and received blessings. What an awesome exchange!

I was able to immerse myself in this new knowledge at church on Sunday, and the worship experience was new and wonderful. I sang to my Husband,

“Everyday with you, Lord, is sweeter than the day before … Every morning I will worship, every evening I’ll adore, ‘cuz every day with you is sweeter, sweeter than the day before.”

Followed by

“Thanks, thanks! I give you thanks for all you have done. I am so blessed, my soul has found rest. Oh Lord, I give you thanks!”

And then,

“Who is like you, Lord in all the earth? Matchless love and beauty, endless worth! Nothing in this world will satisfy. Jesus you’re the cup that won’t run dry. Your presence is heaven to me! Your presence is heaven to me! Treasure of my heart and of my soul. In my weakness you are merciful. Redeemer of my past and present wrongs. Holder of my future days to come … All my days on earth I will await the moment that I see you face to face. Your presence is heaven to me! Your presence is heaven to me!”

Would not your heart just swell if someone said such beautiful things to you? If a man were to lovingly look me in the eye and tell me I’m the treasure of his heart, I’d melt right there at his feet. Were he to tell me I had matchless love and beauty, endless worth, I’d be forever devoted to him from the depths of my heart, and not just out of obedience to my commitment. If he were to tell me that everyday with me is sweeter than the day before, I’d do my best to outdo myself every day thereafter. And the more he told me thanks, the more I’d lavish on him just to hear it. How much more must our praise bless the heart of God? After all, I’m imperfect and know without a shadow of doubt what my reactions would be in such a relationship. The Lord is perfect, and His love is deeper than I will ever be capable of. Surely we can bless His heart in such a way that He can’t help but lavish on us. And if all He ever lavished was His love, we’d have more than we ever needed. But He’s so good to us, and heaps on us material blessings as well. All in response to our praise! Who is like you, Lord, in all the earth?!

Lord, how blessed I am that you are my Husband. The provider of my needs, my comforter and shelter from life’s storms. How blessed I am that you lavish on me, not because I deserve it but because of who you are. This love that we share is indescribably sweet, and I could not part with it for a lesser thing. You are more than enough for me. I know, Lord, that you will eventually send someone into my life as your earthly vessel to minister as my husband, and Lord, I thank you for him. I pray that you will begin even now to show him how to love me as you do, because how can I settle for less? Thank you for fulfilling the deepest needs and desires within me. You are wonderful! I love you so much, and continue to grow in that love every day. Amen


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