Praying for a Boy Scout

Published July 3, 2013 by Dawn

It’s summertime, and I’m off work, and still working … I haven’t really had the luxury of a full day off yet because I have filled my days to the brim with volunteer work and housework and (bleck!) yard work. And on top of my regular yard work, my neighbor is very eager to help me clean up along the fence, and has been cutting down my wonderful foliage left and right. It needed to be done, I admit that. It’s just, it’s more stuff I have to do. My couch and I haven’t had a moment of together-time in weeks!

I came home this morning from an early meeting I had to attend and looked out over my yard and begin to pray, “Lord, send me a boy scout who needs a couple bucks. I’ll totally hook him up.” And then I giggled, thinking how ridiculous I must be to God sometimes. And then I realized, “I’m serious. Please, send me a boy scout with a mower.” It’s not that I didn’t have the time to mow, or the energy, I just didn’t want to. First of all, I had on a cute outfit and I didn’t want to change. Secondly, my hair was finally doing something worth wearing all day. And lastly, I just didn’t want to do it.

If you are wondering if the Lord responds to every prayer, I want you to know, He does. If you are listening, you’ll hear Him. Since I was sincerely praying, I listened and this is what I heard, “Even if I were to send you one, there’s plenty you could be doing while you wait.” … Yep, that hurt. I looked out into the backyard and realized that there was a bunch of limbs that had to be moved out of the middle of the yard and into the brush pile before anyone could mow the yard, and obviously, I could not pay a boy scout enough to do that work. After removing the limbs, I would also have to pick up all the twigs and vines. I admitted there was quite a bit that needed to be done first. So, not wanting to do any of it, I got to work. And after I was done picking up all the mess, no boy scout came knocking. No, I didn’t get my answer to prayer that way. What I did do was pay one of my kids to mow the yard, and so my daughter persevered for something she really wanted and earned enough to get it, my son learned not to argue when someone’s offering you money in exchange for work, and I didn’t have to mow the yard. No, I had time to tackle other things around the house that were driving me nuts. And, thanks to all the things I had to do while “waiting,” I was motivated to do all those other things. It seems that although God doesn’t always answer our prayers exactly the way we want Him to, He does still answer them in the BEST way.

I have also taken a fresh look at all the other things I am praying about and noticed that in almost each case, there is plenty for me to be doing while I wait on an answer. So now, there’s more on my list of things to do, but I trust that God will provide in the best way in each thing that I have prayed about. Thank you, Jesus, for your faithfulness to me!


2 comments on “Praying for a Boy Scout

  • Once again, a very good example of how God wants us to cooperate with Him and the Holy Spirit. Of course we need to pray but we must also do our part. God has been much more faithful than I have. He is so patient with me. You’re setting a great example for your kids and one day they will be great adults.

    • Thank you! Their integrity is one of my biggest concerns as a parent, and I believe that the Holy Spirit gives me wisdom every day to grow them as God would have me to. Otherwise, I would completely fail at this parenting thing.

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