Your Daddy’s Shotgun

Published September 10, 2013 by Dawn

Hey, I know you! You’re that Christian girl with a fantastic smile and a great personality, who can light up a room in seconds. Did I mention, you are also BEAUTIFUL? Yeah, you’re the girl with the ring on her left hand … the ring of purity, because you promised your Daddy to stay that way until marriage. I don’t know if it bears any significance in truth, but it means something just because it’s there, right? You’re also that girl wondering why no guy worth anything notices you and why the ones who do tuck tail and run shortly after. I know you, girl. We’re a lot alike, after all.

I wish I could say it gets better. It doesn’t. But one  thing you might not have ever noticed before … it’s your Daddy, standing behind you with His shotgun.

Yes, I had this visual today, as I reminisced over the past few years of my life. I was wondering why no relationship ever came close to being good, and why the good guys never came close, period. And for the first time, I saw Him, my Daddy, standing guard over me with His shotgun. And I rolled my eyes and giggled … Gosh, Dad. No wonder!

My earthly father was nothing like this, so how was I to know that when God asked me to let Him guard my heart, He was just that serious? I laugh now at the thought that no guy in his right mind would flippantly approach my Daddy. Any guy with the guts to even come into the room to court me has to have his ducks in a row, because my Daddy won’t stand for anything less. And He isn’t lowering the barrel until that guy gets on His knees and asks for mercy … and then for my heart.

Yep, dear sister, our Daddy cares way too much about us to let just anybody have our heart. As for the guys out there, there are really only a few options to choose from: they will either come into the parlor and sit down with Dad for a while, or they will run. Whatever you do, don’t run with them! Your Daddy knows best. Any man with good intentions will brave the threshold of the house and boldly approach your Father. The ones who run had no intention of doing you any lasting good.

Sometimes, even after you’ve stood there anxiously waiting for your Daddy’s approval, He may still say “no”. Though it bears a heavy weight of disappointment, trust that your Father knows best. Throw a fit, if you need to. Run up to your room and scream and cry. But come down later and climb into Daddy’s lap and let Him reassure you of His best intentions in your life. Whatever you have to let go, no matter how precious it seems now, is nothing compared to what He will eventually allow into your life. And you will thank Him for His wisdom and patience.

So next time some guy inexplicably disappears after what you thought was a great time together, just know it wasn’t you. It was your Daddy’s shotgun.


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