Published October 3, 2013 by Dawn

I was walking outside on the football track today, under a cloudy sky. I noticed the sun begin to break through a swath of clouds and I tilted my face to it, in expectation of its warmth. As the sun’s comfort invaded me like lava, I melted into the pure delight of it. I surrendered myself to it’s touch and enjoyed basking. Pure delight.

Delight. The word keeps coming back to me. Delight. “Delight yourself in the Lord … (Ps. 37:4)” Is this what it feels like, then, to delight in the Lord? It’s so wonderful! This feeling of awe and appreciation. This wonder and amazement at such a simple joy overwhelming all the senses and permeating your entire being? It’s magnificent! Is it possible to feel this way about God? Absolutely! Actually, as I was reading my Bible today, He spoke such comfort and affirmation to my heart that I felt it: radiant delight. Yes, radiant. A delight that bursts forth from the heart and goes forth, touching everything around it. How can we not radiate such love and wonder when it comes upon us so strongly?

Here’s an even greater wonder: the Lord delights in those who fear him… according to Psalms 147:11. Delight. Can it be true? Does God delight in us? Does warmth flood Him when He thinks of us? When He looks down and sees our frail efforts to please Him and our righteousness which is like filthy rags … does His heart become engulfed in  passionate flames? Oh Lord, I am overcome with Your majesty! My heart is full to bursting! Thank you for being so delightful, and for loving me and delighting in me. I wish that I were more for you. You make me want to rise above the heights, to soar above this present mountaintop. May your Holy Spirit continue to change me into the likeness of Christ, that You and I may draw closer. How I long for You! You are my delight!


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