Published November 5, 2013 by Dawn

Yesterday was the first day. Today is day two. My son decided that he was going to convince a girl at school that God is real. He and a few of his friends are using the best of their knowledge, coupled with their understanding of the Bible (Bible in hand), to win her for the Lord. Obviously, this needs close adult supervision and guidance, but I am proud of him for standing up for his faith. The Holy Spirit can help him in his venture because he is willing to attempt it. I admire him.

Today he came home and was telling me about the discussion and he said, “I’m not giving up. I don’t care if it takes all year. I want her to know.” His greatest source of motivation: a torn-up Bible in her desk. It hurt him, this obvious hatred and scorn for his Father. No kid with great respect and love for their parent would take such an offense lightly. I thought to myself, “How tenacious! I love it!”

For the benefit of writing, I looked up the word “tenacious.” According to the Dictionary included with Microsoft*, tenacious means, “1. determined or stubborn: tending to stick firmly to any decision, plan, or opinion without changing or doubting it; 2.  tightly held: difficult to loosen, shake off, or pull away from his tenacious grip; 3.  persistent: persisting for a long time and difficult to change, destroy, or get rid of a tenacious head cold; 6.  … not easily disconnected: holding together tightly or fused solidly.”

I wonder, are we as tenacious about the things of the Lord, about doing His will and being His hands and feet? Are we determined in our beliefs, knowing the Word because we are driven by a hunger to know Him more intimately, to be led by His Spirit and to remain steadfast in this ever-changing world? When God speaks something, are we able and willing to hold firmly to it without second-guessing or doubting Him? When life gets rough, or things stop making sense to us, are we holding so tightly to Him and His word that we can’t be shaken? Do we loosen our grip at the first tug from the world, or the enemy? Are we persistent in pursuing Him, and being obedient to Him? Are we willing to remain faithful even when we don’t understand? When the Lord speaks a word to us, do we persistently listen and obey, no matter how difficult or scary things become?  Are we so connected to Him, so intimate with His Spirit that we do not operate apart from Him? This, after all, is what it means to be tenacious.

Are you tenacious?


Help us to cling more tightly to you. To follow more willingly and closely behind you. Help us to never give in to the enemy, to war on every front that Satan attacks us, refusing to back down because we are sure, solidly certain, of the victory. Help us to be faithful, to hold on to your promises when they are long in coming and to be obedient when you speak. We want to make you proud, Lord. Steady us, keep us near your heart, deliver us from doubt and whininess. Help us to be persistent in all that you call us to, sure of your favor and blessings, your guidance, protection and provision. Help us to hold firmly to you, to all that we know of you, to all that Your Spirit has spoken to us, and may we continually seek your face above all things. We love you.

*Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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