Why You Trippin’?

Published November 10, 2013 by Dawn

“Why you trippin’?”  I don’t know when this became a popular expression. I do know it came out of my mouth a lot in high school, so perhaps it’s a nineties, early 2000’s thing. Usually said with a look of bewilderment or consternation, it was used by the exasperated friend of someone who was highly agitated and making a big deal of something. Anxiety, discouragement, discontentment, pain, any negative emotion was quickly acknowledged in this way, “Why you trippin’?”

I was thinking about this phrase early this morning, when I would have rather been sleeping but couldn’t, and realized how insightful it actually is. You see, these negative feelings, and the things that lead up to them, actually are stumbling blocks for us, and we do tend to trip in those moments that we entertain them. We stumble over circumstances that would otherwise not be significant hurdles, when our feelings overwhelm our sense of who God is in our lives.

Whether we stumble into self-pity, sinful activity, or a pit of depression, we lose our footing and find ourselves more often than not flat on our faces where moments before, we were running with endurance the race marked out for us. The sad thing is, we’ve jumped these hurdles before, flawlessly or with little effort. But then, for whatever reason, our perspective gets off, and we find ourselves laid out, staring at the sky.

So I ask again: “Why you trippin’?” Take a look at the circumstances that have brought you low, consider why you tripped there. What is it that caused you to lose the ability to walk, or run, upright with the Lord? What circumstance overcame you? And does it keep happening? Is this a hurdle you keep messing up on? What is causing you to keep landing on your face before the Lord, in a position that should be one of praise but is instead one of anguish? Recognize this pit that you are in, and how you came to be there, lest you continue to trip into it. The Lord does not want us in a cycle of falling down. That is not growth, after all, it’s bondage. What can you learn from this course you are on, and how can you successfully conquer that hurdle?

These answers will only come through some intimate conversation with the One who sees the whole race, start to finish. Your trainer knows the course, every turn, every hurdle, and He’s watched you fail. He knows how you can improve. It is vital that you spend time listening to His wisdom. He so wants you to succeed at this. He’s willing to put whatever time you will give Him into making you better. He knows something you may not: you can do this thing! You can finish, and finish well! He is not only able, but desirous, to fully equip you in every way, to finish the race set before you so that you may receive the prize.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of stumbling through life. I am tired of tripping over my own two feet, falling up stairs, stumbling over every pebble on the path. I’m tired of the scrapes and bruises, and of losing time because I’m stuck in a pit of despair. Satan throws things at me tirelessly because I am clumsy and provide some great laughs, I’m sure. I’m tired of entertaining the devil. I want to be steady on my own two feet, able to recognize the hurdles as they come, and to make it safely over without even touching them. I want to run this race successfully, and make my Daddy proud!


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