Joined in Love and War

Published December 2, 2013 by Dawn

This weekend, one of the most memorable moments of my life took place. My heart was overwhelmed with emotion as I watched my two babies, who aren’t really babies anymore, profess publicly their commitment to the Lord. They were baptized Sunday.

Prior to their baptism, we had a family meeting over dinner to discuss what baptism was for a Christian believer. A public statement of faith, in which one is completely submerged under water and then raised up, signifying a death to self and their new life in Jesus. How at baptism, a person is committing to live unto the Lord rather than selfishly or fleshly. It was a great time of prayer and discussion, and afterward, they both knew without a doubt that baptism was their next step in their walk with the Lord. So Sunday, after the service, they were baptized.

Shortly after lunch, the battle began, as I feared it would. I know Satan well enough to know he does not like such victory in a Christian’s life. He came at us from all sides, and they argued all afternoon with each other and myself. Finally, in the evening, when the living room got really quiet because I was done arguing and they were out of complaints, my daughter looked at me and said, “I’m sorry Mom, it seems like the devil is working hard already to bring me into war.”

The war. Every Christian’s daily struggle with Satan and self, things of the world and flesh. The epic battle against principalities and powers of darkness. The war you enter at birth and leave only in death. The war you choose sides in every day, whether you realize it or not. With fascinating spiritual insight, she recognized the battle. And at that moment, I realized that I had gained another ally in the daily battle. My daughter had joined me on the front lines. Not only have we been joined in our intense love and adoration of Jesus, we have also now been unified as soldiers in Christ. And with that the reality that there is strength in numbers, spiritually speaking, and the growth is exponential! Leviticus talks about five putting one hundred to flight, and Deuteronomy speaks of one putting a thousand to flight. But two can put ten thousand to flight! Satan was shaking when my babies were baptized! There are three of us! Three of us going hard after Christ, and we recognize the war, and we know we are in it, and we aren’t backing down! Hallelujah!!

Thank you, Lord, for allies in battle. Help me to direct them to you always, and may we fight the good fight every moment of every day. I bless your name!


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