The Fixer-Upper

Published February 2, 2014 by Dawn

Not too far from my work there’s this house that I absolutely adore. It’s a dump, really. But when I look at it, I see what it used to be, or what it could be with some TLC, and I always tell my kids, “I’ll love to take that house and move it out into the middle of the country and live in it.” I have a plan for that house, if only in my dreams.

Most people, when looking at this house, probably only see the rot and ruin. They might focus on the massive decay: the boards that are loose or falling off, the foliage that has literally torn down the outer walls, the unkempt paint or the junk strewn about the front porch and yard. It’s bad, when looked at only with the naked eyes of flesh. But I look at that house with my heart and I love it.

If ever I could purchase that house, I’d do so knowing full well that making it livable would take a lot of work. It’s a fixer-upper, for sure. But the plans I have for that house keep it ever present on my radar. If only, if only.

It occurred to me the other day that this is how God looks at us. He knows us in the present, with all of our faults and frailties. He sees the parts of us that need some TLC, but His vision, His dream for us, is all about who we could be. Who we could be if we’d just surrender to Him. If we’d curl up at His feet and allow His love to begin a renewal process in us. And He adores us because He sees a beauty in us that no one else sees.

While we may only see the things that are wrong in us, and while others may focus on our shortcomings, our Loving Father sees the potential in us. He knows it well, because He placed it there. While we are stuck on all that we do wrong, He is rejoicing because we are not as bad as we used to be. You see, when He purchased us, He knew we were a fixer-upper. He knew the work that’d have to go into us to make us what He wants us to be. He loved us enough to pay the price to have us, and restore us. He adores us!

Thank you, Father, for this truth. It is liberating!


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