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The Easter Suit

Published April 18, 2014 by Dawn

My son has long been fascinated with the suits on the rack this time of year. He’s wanted one for as long as I can remember, and asks every year if I will buy him one. And every year, I’ve passed in favor of something more play-friendly and less expensive. Until yesterday. Yesterday, I splurged on Easter outfits and my daughter finally got her fancy dress and my son his suit with a tie. He came out of the dressing room with every piece of the suit he picked out on, and he smiled and said, “Now THIS is me!”

My son is ten. And for ten years, obviously, he’s been dressing beneath the swag he feels inside. Putting on that suit was, for him, like deep calling unto deep. It awakened something in him. The confidence, the man. I don’t know exactly what to call it. I do know that today, he’s found every nice shirt he owns and is planning how he might continue this presentation. His sweats, which he wears so often I have to steal to wash, are laying in his floor, abandoned for nicer jeans and button-up shirts. He looks great and all it took was buying the suit. I didn’t realize how necessary that suit was to him realizing his potential to look good.

This scene brought tears to my eyes last night, as I saw on his face the same relief and joy I had when my own identity crisis was broken in the power of Christ. It seems that life has a funny way of stripping us of all we know we are and replacing our true character and personality with fake laughs, smiles and interests. We crawl into bed at night and wonder, “Who am I?” And many of us struggle for years to know ourselves. To know what we want out of life and who we are, and who we aren’t.

The freedom Jesus died for on the cross feels a lot like that suit felt to my son. You put it on and say, “Now THIS is me!” When you accept Jesus as your savior, and recognize His love for you, and His defense of you, you feel secure and the walls and barriers you live behind to protect yourself crumble. You stand up and look at yourself and recognize the swag you’ve always had inside and you want to let it out because it feels so natural. The potential you’ve bottled up and repressed because you just knew people would not approve bubbles to the surface and you begin to walk in a newness you’ve never known before. It’s liberating!

In case you’ve never heard it, Jesus loves you. He doesn’t have to try to love you, it comes from Him naturally. He is full of love for you. He loves you so much, He came to earth, suppressed his supernatural to fit into humanity, walked among the hurting and haters, and died with criminals so He could save you from an eternity of misery. He loves you, and He wants you to be with Him forever. He doesn’t care about your past, but He is obsessed about your future. He wants to spend forever with you! He is waiting right now with a robe of purity He wants to lovingly give to you. He’s already purchased it, and it’s yours for the taking. When you put that thing on, you are going to know yourself as you have never known yourself before. You are going to know who you are. You are going to be new, and nothing will ever be the same because you will know joy unspeakable. You will walk in brilliant light. You will be full to overflowing with a love you’ve only ever wished were real. It’s real!! Take it!