Life More Abundantly

Published May 27, 2014 by Dawn

Last night was girls’ night at my house. My sister, two of my nieces, and my daughter and I all got together and watched movies, ate fudge and made hair bows. It was a blast! The best part of the night for me was getting to see the budding personalities of my daughter and nieces, and to understand the hearts of the women in my life that I love dearly. Below is a list of the highlights of the night:

Best misunderstanding:
My sister: “What movie are we going to watch?”
Me: “I don’t know…”
My sister: “Well, you have netflix, so there’s endless possibilities.”
My daughter: “Is it funny?”

Philosophy from a four-year-old, after being bitten on the toe in bitter revenge:
“You shouldn’t bite my feet anyway because … they’re dirty.”

Best movie of the night:
Penelope – It’s got a great message that counteracts the message girls are receiving in our culture today, a gorgeous male lead and a surprise ending. I highly recommend it for girls’ night!

Best fudge:
My daughter insists this one was mint … I guess I concur. The worst was the Heath flavored fudge … what is that?

Best Bow:
It’s so hard to judge this one … I took a poll, wish I had a picture, but it seems that out of roughly 25 bows, the winner is a toss up between a hot pink/lime green combination with a jewel in the center, a hot pink/white bow with tiny jewels all around, and a gray, green and black bow with googly eyes all over it (super cute idea!).

Best entertainment:
Hands down, it was the four-year-old on a sugar high.

Best girl moment:
Putting googly eyes on our faces and taking pictures! Again, wish I could share but it was hilarious!

We had so much fun last night. I got up this morning after slightly less sleep than normal, walked through the wreckage and thought, “Girls’ night was a mess!” There’s hot glue wads all over my dining room, cups and plates everywhere, blankets strewn all over the couch, and crumbs in the floor. Near the couch is a pile of things that used to be hidden away beneath it, thanks to the four-year-old. And obviously, I will eventually have to clean it all up. But how can I complain? I enjoyed a great night with the lovely ladies in my life who make me happy. And that is enough to make the mess seem minimal.

There are many opportunities in our days to embrace people. To allow them into our lives and get to know them deeper. I know that sometimes, I hesitate, or even run from it, because I know it’s messy business and I’m not up to taking care of the mess. But I’m starting to think it’s all worth it. This is life more abundantly. Relationships. Family. Fellowship. It’s so worth the mess. It’s so worth the misunderstandings. It’s so worth the joy. It’s so worth the vulnerability. It’s even worth it when they rearrange your purse (thanks Cinderenda!). Without people, without the sharing and love, what exactly do you call “living”? Yes, this is life, mess and all.


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