The Faith of a Woman

Published June 6, 2014 by Dawn

Faith in your Husband – my latest lesson from the Holy Spirit. I know, it seems weird that a young single woman is delving into marital discussions, but bear with me. This is, in fact, the truth lately revealed to me. Although I have never been married in this realm, I am spiritually wed to the Lord, and learn more of marriage with Him everyday. When I quieted myself with Him this evening, He spoke to me concerning the faith of a wife in her Husband, and how that affects a relationship.

A man goes to great lengths for the woman he loves. Adam subjugated his authority for Eve. Jacob worked 14 years for Rachel. Abraham sent away his firstborn for Sarah. David committed murder for Bathsheba. Joseph lost his reputation for Mary. Good or bad, men do crazy things for love. Men love to prove themselves to women. And after the marriage, there’s plenty of ways to continue proving himself. There’s fatherhood, where he becomes the hero to his son and the love of his daughter’s life. There’s daily needs requiring sustenance and finances. There’s the need for strength when loved ones are feeling weak. A man has many roles to fill within a family, and he is up to the task … as long as he has one thing: the faith of a woman.

When needs arise in a family, there are two components that must go hand-in-hand: the confident strength of a man and the faith of a woman. You see, a man can do anything with a woman behind him who believes in him. He will try harder than ever to not fail, when his wife believes in him. He will rise to any occasion, as Proverbs tell us, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Usually, what a man thinks in his heart is what a woman has professed with her mouth. So it is important that a woman professes her belief in his ability and strength to conquer. Because in the deepest part of his heart, he is Superman and he’s got this! And with her faith behind him, he is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and all that jazz.

In reality, we know that sometimes, failing still happens, but it isn’t for lack of trying. When the woman he loves believes in him, a man will do whatever he can to succeed for her.

I learned all this in conversation with God tonight because this is something of the Father. We are made in His image and His likeness and this is a characteristic He purposefully put into the heart of man. This truth is also a spiritual reality. God, as our Husband, will rise to the occasion of our faith. Jesus tells us if we would just believe, the Father will give us what we ask for in prayer. Now, I don’t fully understand this truth, because I have seen people with immense faith not receive healings, and I have seen people struggle with need in spite of their prayers. I think God is doing something greater than what we understand with our finite minds. But I do believe that this evening, the Lord spoke to me of faith, and how powerful it is in moving the heart of God and creating an atmosphere of miracles. When the roar of our faith reaches His ears and He looks down to see our expectant faces, something rises up in Him and He becomes a warrior on our behalf. He desires to be the hero we know in our hearts He is. He becomes crazy in love with us in turn, and does His best just because we know He can. He’s a husband, after all. Conversely, when we struggle to believe in His ability and willingness to provide and support us, we hinder His work on our behalf. It is important that we believe in Him and His ability, and tell Him so. He loves to hear it, after all.

A godly wife believes in her husband, and spurs him on by her faith in him. The bride of Christ believes in her Husband and spurs Him on by her faith in Him. Oh the blessed marriage we find ourselves in!


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