And Don’t Forget the Door Frames!

Published June 30, 2014 by Dawn

When the kids are away, I do things I wouldn’t normally do. Like clean the window frames. And the door frames.

It all started in the bathroom. I was scrubbing the bathroom floor and when I got done, I was still in a cleaning mood. So I poured out the nasty water, refilled the bowl with water and cleaner, and moved to the window in the kitchen. There was really no thought process going on. I was just bored and with nothing better to do, I decided to deep clean my house. So I washed the window frame, and when I saw how spectacularly white the frame looked when I was finished, I was compelled to move to the window in the laundry room. And so on throughout the house I went, cleaning the window frames until all but the ones in my kids’ rooms were spotless. But still, I was in that mood and the frames were done. So I decided to wash the door frames. Emptied the dirty water, filled up with fresh and moved back to the kitchen to wash the door frame. It amazed me at how much dirt and grime there was, and how easily it came off with a little elbow grease (Hey Mom, I finally found the elbow grease!). I was halfway through with the doorframes when this thought hit me: “Why do the door frames? It’s not like anyone walks in to a house and says, “Wow! Your doorframes are magnificently clean!” After much thought, I answered that stupid question with this: “it matters to me that I clean my house entirely this week, and so, that includes the window and door frames. And after that, I will even clean the walls and baseboards. Because I want my house to be thoroughly clean.”

In the same sense, there are places in our lives that don’t necessarily have to be cleaned in order for us to convince people that we have become new creations in Christ. A little dirt here and there simply shows that we are living human beings, right? I mean, that’s my justification for a little mess in my home; we live here! But there is something intrinsically satisfying about cleaning all those places anyway. First, there is the pleasure of a Husband who sees our window frames more often than others, and appreciates that we love our house enough to clean them. There is also the deep satisfaction of knowing we have cleaned the WHOLE house, not just fooled our guests into believing it is clean. And then there’s this new smell that cleaning leaves behind. It’s a freshness that is so enjoyable. All because we decided to clean up in places we don’t normally touch.

Like cleaning house, we sometimes have to through out dirty water and renew it for the job to be worthwhile and complete. So it’s okay to take a break in life, soak up some Holy Spirit and be renewed, and allow His fresh water to fill you up and cleanse you. Remind Him of His access into the deep, dark, dirty places in your heart and mind and ask Him to clean up the places as you surrender to Him. And don’t forget the window and door frames!


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