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The Second Day

Published November 26, 2014 by Dawn

“Now the earth was formless and void, darkness was over the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. (Gen. 1:2)”

In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothing but darkness, and emptiness. Loneliness. And God. And then, God began creating.

His voice resonated across the vast, dark emptiness, “Let there be light.” And some sort of illumination appeared. Not the light we know, the sun, but some sort of illumination that shone over the darkness. And He called it good. And there was evening and morning, then the second day.

The second day, God created the firmament. The atmosphere. This is the air we breathe. Without this firmament, life would not be possible. Because although we need other things in varying measure, we need air every second to survive. And God spent a day preparing this air.

Had we been there, we’d probably look out across what was and wonder that He did anything that second day. The seeming simplicity of the atmosphere would tempt us to believe this was a fruitless day. I mean, compared to day three, when dry land appears, and day four when the sun, moon and stars appear, and on through the rest of that week when all that we know and enjoy today, even ourselves, came into existence, day two seems rather insignificant. Because there was nothing visually representative of God’s great work that day.

It occurred to me that we all go through this creation process in our lives. In the beginning, there is darkness and emptiness, and loneliness. And God. Always God. And if we allow him to (because we have a choice in the matter), He speaks and there comes an illumination on our lives. Not the sun, but an enlightenment that allows us to see and know our need of Him. And then begins the second day: this process of creation that seems to take longer than what we see implies. That is to say, a period of time in which we see nothing. No progress, no visual representation of what God is doing in us. And we are tempted in this time to reject what God is doing because it seems so anticlimactic. But let me offer this thought to you: It was that second day that made life even possible. The atmosphere that sustained everything that was to come was made in that second day.

So if you are in a second day, when you can’t really see what God is doing, I implore you to trust Him still. Trust that all the things He is doing, for He is always working, is creating an atmosphere for His blessings upon your life to thrive in. To live and move and have their being in. The second day is crucial. Let it be, and know that it is good.