Dear God

Published January 17, 2015 by Dawn

Dear God,

You have always wanted me? From before I was born, you have loved me? You knew me in the womb and before I was born, you had named me and made plans for me? How is it that the magnitude of that never blew my mind until now? No one has ever wanted me. I’ve spent my entire life feeling alone, rejected and invisible. But you have always been the God who sees me. I matter to you. You care about me and for me. You love me. You love me because … why do you love me? I fail. I’m imperfect. I’m judgmental and cruel and sometimes I have hate in my heart. I’m not a good witness for you. I am a hypocrite. My heart continually yearns for someone to physically be here; real flesh and blood to love me imperfectly and way less than you do. My whore heart would trade your love for imperfection in a heartbeat. I can’t even love myself after knowing that. HOW DO YOU LOVE ME?! How do you, how can you accept this?


Because I chose to.



One comment on “Dear God

  • And who doesn’t love the underdog? The one that just can’t seem to get it together. The one that everyone bets against. The peculiar one. The one with the heart for God instead of all things worldly.

    A lot of people love the underdog for any of a number of reasons; but none so much as Christ. The underdogs of the world are those after his own heart. He feels your need and His compassion moves Him to tears. You are weak and in your weakness He is lifted up and you are made strong. Your weakness is opportunity to reach out to Him. To let Him comfort you, to let Him take your heart in his kind and gentle hands and repair the damage done by life on planet earth.

    It is with great love that I reinforce what you already know in your heart. God will not lead you to anything or anyone who will lead you away from Him. He must come first and foremost in your life. You must be willing to let go of everything you love for Jesus. Remember how God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac? The one person he loved most in the world. God didn’t take Isaac, but He had to know that Abraham would be willing.

    You must be willing to surrender all, to let go of that which you want most, for God’s sake. God may never ask you to do that, but He has to know that you are willing to give it up for him.

    Keeping you in prayer,

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