This is the day I tell you I wrote THE BOOK …

Published August 2, 2015 by Dawn

To make a short story, shorter, here’s the gist of a wonderful story in 2 Kings that spoke volumes to me a few weeks ago:

There was a siege laid against Samaria by the kind of Aram. His armies surrounded the city and caused a great famine. All their food supplies dwindled and the people were starving to death! Four lepers decided, “Hey, if we stay here, we’re gonna die. Let’s go out there and surrender to our enemies. If they pardon us, we live. Otherwise, we die anyway.” So they headed over to the enemy’s camp.

Now, God had promised through Elisha a speedy deliverance the day before. And it just so happened that he multiplied the sound of their footsteps so that the Arameans thought that a great army was approaching them. They heard not just the pounding of soldiers’ feet but chariots and horses as well! They were scared to death! They thought the king of Israel had hired the armies of the Hittite and Egyptian nations! So even though night was fast upon them, they fled in terror leaving everything behind!

When the lepers got there, they walked into an abandoned camp. They filled their emaciated bodies with the good food left from the enemy’s retreat, and filled their pockets with the plunder.

Suddenly, one or the other of them said, “Hey, What are we doing? This isn’t right! This is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves!”

I shared all that to share this:

In 2009, I quit my job to write a book. The conversation with God went a little like this:

God: Your time here is over. I have something else for you to do.

Me: WHAT?????

God: (silence)

Me: (panicked silence)

God: You are going to write a book.

Me: I don’t believe you’re even saying this to me. Soul, shut up.

Over the course of that weekend, God confirmed His word to me so I would believe. (He’s so patient.) So the next Monday I put in my letter of resignation amongst the disbelief and doubt of coworkers, friends and family. I was living then in the overflow, so hardly any of it phased me.

Then years went by and I wrote several half-books. You know, books that never quite got finished but were so imperative to my healing process. So necessary for my heart, mind and spirit. Then, last November, God presented the idea to me of writing a fiction. I would never have even considered it before, but it seemed like fun. And writing at this point was no longer fun. I needed to enjoy it again. So I started writing a fiction based on the life of Mary Magdalene. And it was fun. And it incorporated all those years of listening and learning of the Holy Spirit during my healing process. And it ministered to me. And God used the Word He so faithfully sowed into my hungry heart all the years I poured into it. And now it’s ready.

I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I thought, “I am going to be humble and not say anything.” But God began dealing with me again. Because this is a testimony! God is good! God is faithful to keep His promises! This is the day of good news! I don’t want to keep it to myself anymore. So here it is: the link that will take you right to to fruition of God’s promise in my life. It’s a ministry all of it’s own, specifically to women. I hope you find healing and joy in Jesus through the message it brings. Happy reading!

Redemption’s Road by Dawn Herbert

P.S. Please, tell your friends and family. Tell your women’s ministry leaders. Tell your coworkers and any women you know. Because women need to know. Not that I wrote a book, but that Jesus loves them, wants to redeem them and use their past to bring healing to multitudes of hurting women. I want women to know what Jesus thinks of them! I want women to hear the things He spoke to me that brought me out of a deep pit. Share this! Read the book and share it too!

Thank you and God bless!


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