Deny the Feels

Published August 27, 2015 by Dawn

I didn’t have a lesson for teens until after school yesterday. I was praying about what to teach them, and the Lord said, “Deny the Feels.” The feels being our emotions. One of my teens used that word a month ago, and it just keeps circulating.

I had a visual of the new movie Inside Out, where the feels control a little girl’s life. Literally. They have a switchboard that they use to manipulate her actions and reaction, the things she says, etc. I don’t care for the lesson that movie teaches because the message is that we are subject to our emotions and we have no control over them. This is not true!

Well, not if you are walking in the Spirit. Yesterday, I was not.

I got home and my son was really emotional… and so was I. I asked him to mow a portion of the yard for his chore and he threw a fit that enraged me. So we were at each others’ throats all afternoon. And he said really mean hurtful things. And so did I. And about an hour before church it dawned on me that that was the crux of my lesson: deny the feels. Respond to life like Jesus, not like an emotional hag.

God had taken my mind back to the crucifixion on my way home from work, and had shown me the depth of Jesus’ sufferings. While his flesh went through hell, his mind and heart were placid despite his circumstance. He was in excruciating, unimaginable pain, but still spoke blessings instead of curses. He set a standard I cannot attain. But the Holy Spirit can.

“If we walk in the Spirit, as He is in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.”

Gal. 5:16

Holy Spirit, walk with me. I need you desperately.


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