Pursuing Him with a Smile

Published February 6, 2016 by Dawn

 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. (Matthew 25:40)”

I have decided to not be passive about my relationship with the Lord, and committed myself to actively pursuing Him. But my decision was hasty and I realized right away that I didn’t know really what that even meant. What does it mean to pursue Jesus? I mean, I read my Bible and I pray, but what does it look like to really make an effort to catch His eye. This verse was a rather immediate reply to my inquiry. I asked the Holy Spirit how I can pursue Jesus in the most practical sense, and this is what He said to me. But His wisdom came with a visual that surprised me: it was a simple smile.

A smile is one of the most basic forms of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication accounts for 70% of a conversation … Seventy percent! That’s a whole lot of saying something without saying it, isn’t it? But truth be known, people make me nervous, and I really struggle to interact with them. That may come as a surprise given how easy I make it look sometimes, but I pray about most of my interactions before they happen, and plead for the Holy Spirit’s help when I know it’s coming. Honestly, I’d rather not make eye contact, and have no idea how to have a real conversation without some divine intervention. It’s awkward. I’m awkward … see?

I read somewhere of a man who was on his way to jump off of a bridge. He was done with life and decided to test fate: if one person smiled at him on the way to the bridge, he’d turn around and not commit suicide. To maximize his opportunities for a change of heart, he walked toward the bridge, passing so many people on the way. No one smiled. No one even acknowledged him. So when he got there, he jumped. Heaven spared his life. He told this story to illustrate how important our interactions with others can be, even if it’s just a smile. We could save lives!

With this new revelation in mind, I took to smiling this week, and it’s amazing what kind of doors open up, and how easily friendships develop. And how much I actually like my coworkers! I have really enjoyed seeing other people smile in response. Seeing their faces light up. And knowing that with each smile I give, I am really giving them unto Jesus, the Lover of my Soul. That’s something worth smiling about.


2 comments on “Pursuing Him with a Smile

  • Oh my! The Holy Spirit has been very busy this week and you and I have been given similar if not the same message. Also, Amidst false accusations and gossip He gave me peace and laid a response onto my lips that I would not otherwise have thought to speak so calmly and lovingly. Praise God! I love Him so much!

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