Burdens were Lifted

Published March 6, 2016 by Dawn

Last night, we reinstated movie night. It used to be movie night every Friday at our house, but we lost our connection somewhere. My daughter brought it up, and so we went and rented a movie, grabbed some sweets and settled in for a movie.

My son is notorious for falling asleep during movies. He was ten before he could stay awake at the theaters! At home, he cuddles up in his blanket and does his best to keep his eyes open. His best is never enough …

We rented Born to Win, a movie none of us knew anything about but it was a Christian movie and I really liked the back of the box. Halfway through the movie, my son was nodding off next to me while one of the best parts of the movie was unfolding on the screen. The main character listened as a voice-over from God ministered to his heart. The message was something I thought my son just had to hear! So I shook him awake.

“Bub, wake up! You have to hear this.” He rolled over and blinked a few times, trying to really wake up and pay attention as I hit rewind so he could hear what God was saying to this broken man with a lot of reasons to be angry, and directing it toward God. He and my son have a lot in common.

He lay his head back down on his pillow as the dialogue started again. You are my son. I am your father. I love you. I have never left you. I treasure you. I have always been here. You can trust me. Suddenly, my son bolted up. Tears were streaming down his face and he was breathing heavily. He was freaking out. He said, “Mom! Something just happened!” I was alarmed! “What are you talking about, Bub? What happened?”

His hands were shaking and tears were still falling. “Something happened in me. In my body, Mom. I felt it! Something happened in my body. It was like, ‘Whoosh!’” And he gestured with his hands as if something was lifted from his torso up over his head. That’s when I realized what he was talking about.

Burdens were lifted. My son has been longing for validation for a long time. Not from me, because I cannot give him what he needs. He needs a daddy love, and he’s been sorely disappointed. He’s been depressed. Anxious. Hurting. Desperate. And last night, hearing those words coming from a voice representing God has such an effect on him. I’ve been pointing his heart and mind toward God for years, but last night, things that’ve I’ve said all along, coming from a new direction, made an impact. And he literally felt, and eloquently described, God lifting a heavy burden off of his heart.

What is God saying to you? What is He saying through your friends and family? Through His Word or the music you’re listening to? What burden is weighing you down? He said He would take our burdens, and I watched Him, last night, lift a heavy one off my son. What can God move for you? Don’t give up asking. Be still and know!




2 comments on “Burdens were Lifted

  • I’m so glad that you share these times and occurrences with us. I know God has a heart for your family and I think the kids really tickle him at times. Praying for the peace that only comes from God will be with your family in abundance!

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