Coming Back to the Heart of Worship

Published March 21, 2016 by Dawn

I was hungry. Honestly, I couldn’t have waited another moment. There it was, all laid out before me. I was famished! So, I sat down and started digging in. I was so hungry, I wasn’t even paying attention to the people around me. I was stuffing myself. All decorum was lost. All propriety gone. I was soooo hungry! I pulled up to the table without waiting for an invitation or even a hint that it was time to move in. I rushed toward sustenance and ate until I was full.

So, what’s this all about? Worship. I led worship at church a few weeks ago, and for the first time, I was completely immersed. I was so hungry for the Holy Spirit’s presence, I lost sight of the people sitting in the pews. I rushed toward the table God had prepared and I supped with Him. I worshipped without feeling that familiar temptation to entertain the crowd. I worshipped without feeling the familiar burden to drag the people into the Holy of Holies. For the first time, I was abandoned to this one desire: to be with Him. To be filled. To be full.

I’ve led worship before, but this is the first time I was alone with Him in that spotlight. Knowing that many had come to go through the motions with me, to sing all the selected songs and move on into the sermon without experiencing the fullness of the presence of God. But I wasn’t there for them. Or anyone else. I had come to be with God, and He prepared a table before me. It was just me and Him in that moment.

Later, I received a text about how much someone enjoyed the worship, but it didn’t even touch me. It was nice, but how could I explain the effortlessness of abandoning that morning? I was so hungry. I was pressing into Him knowing that He is my source. I was dancing with my Husband, surrendering myself at His feet. Receiving fullness in the place of emptiness. And I knew that this time was the first time I have ever really worshipped. I was not battling the compulsion to entertain. I was not struggling with distractions. I was just entering in.

And that day, someone else came in behind me. And another, and another, and another. That day, someone in church gave their hearts to God for the first time. And I had nothing to do with it. I just stood there, microphone in hand, completely lost to this world. Everything about this day tells me that this is what true worship is about. It’s not a talent show. It’s not just a part of the program. It’s all about Him. Being with Him. Lavishing on Him. Blessing Him. And He, in turn, blesses us. So much.

Taste and see!

Oh taste of Him.

Bread of Life

Savior of Men

Drink to the dregs

Oh, have your fill!

Be quenched by His Spirit

Be led of His will


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