Enough is Enough

Published May 4, 2016 by Dawn

Kids shooting poison into their veins

The world is poisoning their brains

When will we all stand up and say

Enough is enough!


The church resembles more the lost

Because we don’t want to pay the cost

In a world torn and tossed

Enough is enough!


We stand in rather than out

When will someone stand up and shout

It is my God I think about!

Enough is enough!


Where are those ready to lead?

Those called to sacrifice and bleed

To bring the world back to it’s knees

Enough is enough!


We hide our anguish and our pain

Terrified to speak His name

And we’ve only ourselves to blame

Enough is enough!


It’s time to bow in humble pleas

To our God, upon our knees

Turn the tide of this disease

Enough is enough!


You have been called but have you listened?

Are you seeking in submission?

The church has a commission

Enough is enough


Now warriors, stand up on your feet

Do not accept the word “defeat”

In Christ alone, Satan is beat!

Enough is enough!


There is no better time than now

To decide, to make a vow

To the dark we will not bow!

Enough is enough!


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