A Dream for the Church

Published July 3, 2016 by Dawn

I had a dream last week I wanted to share with you, but I didn’t know the right words. The truth is, when I wrote it all down afterwards, it lacked all the eloquence I strive for when writing. But I don’t want to sit on it anymore, so here you go:

My son and I were standing in the church kitchen when suddenly, it began to fill with water. I was able to climb up onto the kitchen island before the water became too deep, but my son was not. The water quickly filled the kitchen, stopping just short of covering the island and sweeping me off into the water. I was frantically looking for my son, when I realized that the water was churning around me. Then I saw their fins. The kitchen was full of sharks! I began desperately screaming, looking around to find my son. Then I felt an overwhelming sense of calm as the largest shark swam right up to the island and opened his mouth. In the back of his throat, curled up in a fetal position facing away from me lay my son. In his throat! That deep inner peace compelled me to reach in and pull out my child, who was shaken, but otherwise unharmed.

Sadly, this is not the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. But it was really weird. Thankfully, the Lord had a message in it that he shared with me when I woke up.

Desperate times are coming, and the church will not be unaffected. The church will be flooded, but in the midst of that flooding the enemy will come, seeking to devour the children of God. It will be a terrifying time, and the enemy will seem victorious. But even then, my children will be unharmed. The enemy cannot chew you up. He cannot swallow you and he cannot consume you. Even when it seems that the situation is dire, or even hopeless, the enemy has not won. I will command him even then to open his mouth and I myself will pull you out and rescue you.


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