Chillin’ With Bob Ross

Published December 28, 2016 by Dawn

I’ve finally found someone who shares the same interests as myself to chill with. Bob Ross! I love the guy. I also love his paintings. He works magic on a canvas in half-hour increments, and it’s amazing to watch. Netflix has won my heart with this one.

I’m often confounded while I watch him work, because of his color choices and his brush choices, the way he layers paint and makes accentuations that no one may ever see when he is finished.  Not that I know a whole lot about painting … I thought I did, but the truth is, my paintings never work out quite as well as Bob Ross’s paintings, so I digress – he’s the master.

As I watch his videos, I often wonder aloud, “What is he doing?” I’ve watched him mix purples and browns together to paint trees, blend yellow, orange, and purple to create winter skies, and use a scraper to “paint” rocks and mountains. “Bob! What are you doing?”

Twenty minutes later, I sit speechless. Bob Ross stands in front of a majestic painting of landscapes and everything suddenly makes sense. I can’t question his methods because his work end up perfect every time.

Chillin’ with Bob Ross has given me a whole new perspective on life. After all, I’m not the expert. I spend a lot of time questioning God’s methods. “What are you doing? How does that make sense? Why are you doing it that way?!” But I can’t deny His results. All that He has ever done has been good. In the middle of His work, I can’t always make sense of His methods but I have begun to assure myself, “God knows what He is doing. He’s the master.” I know that one day, I will sit speechless before Him as He shows me the masterpiece that He has created of all the little things I can’t make sense of now. I can’t wait!


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