The Silver Lining

Published January 4, 2017 by Dawn

I was driving home from work one day feeling about as gray as the sky. It’s been a dreary winter here, with more rain than snow, but a lot of precipitation anyway. That dreariness had settled deep within, not just because of the weather, but because … well, life. It’s been rough this past year.

Anyway, enough about me. Here’s what I’m aiming at: I was driving home on this particularly drab day, with the radio blaring in a vain attempt to distract me from my thoughts. In truth, I could hardly hear it over the mess in my head. I looked up at the sky as I pulled up the off-ramp, easing on the brakes because of the red light ahead. I’m a sucker for a beautiful sky, and I was hoping to see something more up there than the dark gray cover. As I studied the heavens, I noticed a beautiful streak of silver between the lighter gray above and a deeper gray below. The silver lining.

I heard it in my spirit. That’s the silver lining. No matter how downcast, there’s always a silver lining. There’s always a place where the light is breaking through the darkness. There’s always a place where the Son of God is showing himself in the midst of pain and suffering. It’s the heritage of the children of God.

I needed to hear that so badly. I studied that silver lining all the way home, glancing back and forth between it and the road. Admiring the beauty of it. In the middle of such depressing colorlessness, this streak of shimmering silver promising that light was going to break through at any moment. What a promise for a child of God! No matter how dark things seem, how colorless, how severe, the Lord is our silver lining. He’s our promise. He’s the beauty in the midst of our suffering. He’s the Light breaking through with wisdom, peace and comfort. We just have to fix our eyes on Him. Admire His presence in our trials. Delight in Him, no matter that our situations seem severely trying.


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