Label Me a Christian

Published February 1, 2017 by Dawn

I feel like these days, I live in a swirling vortex of intoxicating information and I am having such a hard time keeping track of myself among all the smoke and mirrors. It’s a constant struggle to remember who I am when the world offers me an alternate identity, slapping it on me without my consent. I feel assaulted, slapped with an identity that looks nothing like the person I know myself to be, and then I wrestle with it because I don’t want to submit myself to a definition I don’t fully agree with. I thought I’d sit down today and set the record straight so that when the labels start flying, I won’t be confused for one moment about who I am or how I stand in this world.


I’m a Christian. I don’t hate women, Hillary Clinton or Middle Eastern refugees. I am a woman, and I don’t hate men either. I think men are amazing and get way too little credit for being awesome. Are there bad men in the world who make horrible decisions? Sure. But there are equally guilty women in the world too. Speaking of equality, I don’t think men and women are equal. Having lived as a single mother for fourteen years, there are many things that happen in my life on the regular that a man would take care of much easier and better than I can and do, and I am okay with that. Please do!


On to Hillary Clinton: I didn’t vote for her. I didn’t vote for Trump either. I didn’t vote for the lesser of two evils. I chose peace. I voted in a way that left an abundance of peace in my heart. I have no guilt over how my vote was cast, no regrets and there was no hesitancy in the voting booth. There was a lot of prayer, a measure of peace and a vote that made very little difference in the big scheme of things. I don’t care. I voted my conscience and was rewarded with peace.


Bigger social issues like abortion and LGBT? I will always speak out about abortion and I won’t ever agree to say things that make people feel better about themselves. Not because I hate people. I hate murder. I hate that women are given a choice that on the flip-side, still holds dire consequences. Instead of dealing with a baby, they will deal with guilt and shame. You see, it’s a lose-lose situation. I will never not speak up for an unborn child. I will also never speak up from a place of anger or judgment. I don’t have to agree with you on the issues to be loving. Jesus disagreed with a lot of people, yet loved everyone enough to die for them. If the truth sets people free, I am all for it. Since my Bible assures me that’s how it works, I will give the truth in love 110% of the time. The same goes for the LGBT community. I’m not a fanatic, but I do believe that God (our Creator) has standards. He has defined our boundaries and made clear what is and isn’t sin. He didn’t do it to hurt us, He did it because He loves us and would rather see us not under the power of Satan. I will side with that truth 100% of the time, but I will not bash you or hurt you in any way because Jesus wouldn’t do that either. He once met a woman who was “living in sin” at a well and addressed her sin … in love. That’s possible. It’s not hate to disagree. It is hate to lie. It is hate to not love.


Do I support Donald Trump? Listen, I’m not scared of Trump or his administration and it’s not because I have faith in him. I’m all for “making America great again.” It sure would be nice for my children to grow up in freedom and opportunity, but it really does seem like a pipe dream at this point. In truth, I see this going south at a very rapid pace. I’m still not afraid. I don’t agree with unvetted refugees, but I also can’t agree that a ban is the answer. If we let in a bunch of the most radical ISIS militants while saving innocent lives, I would consider that worth it. But I also feel like the refugee process is an appeal to pity tactic, a logical fallacy, and that the truth of how it works is very different than the media insists. America will accept refugees that can add to its narcissistic pursuit of wealth and happiness. Our country will not take the poor, innocent children or much-persecuted Christian unless that person or group of persons has a high dollar sign attached. We live in a day of quid pro quo, which is a fancy way of saying, “What do I get in return?” This is why Mexico’s unsecured border is such an issue. It’s letting in a wave of undocumented (untaxable) immigrants who do not contribute to that bottom dollar lining Uncle Sam’s pocket.


How do I feel, as a Christian, about Muslims in our country? I’m not afraid. I don’t believe we serve the same God but I also know that many Muslims serve their God about as half-heartedly as many Christians serve mine. Going through the motions without being sold out. For a Muslim to be sold out to Allah, he or she must accept that killing infidels is the most immediate command of their faith, just as loving God and loving our neighbors is the supreme law of the Christian faith. A radical will believe the truths and tenets of their faiths unequivocally. I guess you can say I am a radical Christian. Does a radical Muslim scare me? No. You see, in all of these things, I submit to God. His favor is my delight and obedience to Him is my constant pursuit. I’m not perfect, but I believe in repentance and forgiveness. I have faith that no matter what … no matter who is president, where ISIS is roaming and what kind of persecution might be coming my way, I have a fortress and defender. Rejection by my peers doesn’t scare me. Persecution from the left doesn’t either. Being killed for my faith doesn’t particularly send me into rapturous praise just yet, but one day it might. If I die because of my faith, I will do so knowing I have not been swayed by the vascillating opinions of mob-mentality that is slowly taking over every facet of the American life. I’m a Christian. You don’t define me. I don’t even define me. God does. I live up to His standards to the best of my ability and ask Him to make me more like Jesus every day.



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