Know Your Purpose

Published May 31, 2017 by Dawn

Arguably the biggest question fueling the Christian book market today is “What is my purpose?”  We literally spend billions sifting through all the prescribed ways to figure out what God was thinking when He made us. What might He want to do through us? What big difference were we put here to make in this world?


Can I simplify this? I promise not to sell you another book, because I don’t think it’s that complicated. Your purpose is multifaceted and as complex as you, but at the same time, so simple. You were put here for two reasons: to worship God and to bring glory to His name.


I’m sure you knew that, and I’m also sure you’re asking, “But how?!”


Any way you find to do it. Did you know you can worship anytime, anywhere? Sure, it’s probably not socially acceptable to sing praise and worship while walking through Wal-Mart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It just means people might look at you funny. Why do you care, if you are doing what God has purposed for you to do? I often worship in Wal-Mart. In my head, in the shower … the place is irrelevant. It’s the act of worshiping. God inhabits the praises of His people. I don’t know about you but I want Him in Wal-Mart with me. In the car, or the shower, or wherever else I may find myself. I want His companionship. Therefore, I praise Him.


In addition to all that worshiping, we are called to bring glory to Him. How? By doing everything to the glory of God. Doing everything as if unto God, not unto men. And when we do that, people will look at us and see the Spirit of God resting on us. Bam! He gets praise and glory through our everyday lives. While we’re cleaning, shopping, or working. God can be clearly seen through people who are perpetually focused on Him.


The problem … the thing that gets in the way of our purpose is our overwhelming preoccupation with ourselves. Gratifying ourselves. Putting ourselves on a stage somewhere. Worshiping ourselves. The message of the cross has been systematically replaced by a “Message of Me.” We want God to make something of us, instead of using us to make something of Him. We want to be able to look at what we are capable of and listen to the praises of others on our behalf.


It doesn’t matter what kind of humility you are capable of portraying. Your deceitful heart is capable of fooling others and even you, if you aren’t exposing yourself to the Holy Spirit on a regular basis. Ask God to magnify your heart so you can see the truth and you will most likely be appalled at your own motives. Mine have to be overhauled all the time by the Holy Spirit.


Here’s the truth: God will not put you in a position to draw attention to yourself. Pride is such a cancerous sin, and God knows how devastating it can be to a vulnerable soul. However, many a man (and woman) have exalted themselves because they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) wait on God, or submit to serving in obscurity. Is it okay if, at the end of the day, no one knows who you are? Could you live a life of devotion to God if He doesn’t have a public stage in store for you? What if, at the end of your life, God is the only one who knows your name? Would you be okay with that? If so, you may very well be on your way to fulfilling your God-given purpose. If not, you may want to check yourself before you wreck yourself because you have made your service in the kingdom all about yourself.




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